Bergdala Glasbruk was founded by Alfred Sjöö in 1889.

In 2009 the glassworks was 120 years old. Then society Glas i Hovmantorp commemorated this with an exhibition at the Hovmantorp Folkets hus.
The society also published a booklet about Bergdala. That, and the old book "En gång Bergdala, alltid Bergdala" (1983), can still be bought at Folkets hus, at Bergdala Wärdshus , or at Bergdala Spinnhus.

Below some pictures from the exhibition.
Click for pictures from the opening.

Alfred Sjöö
entrance to the glassworks
fish and other ornaments
table set with glass
classical "blue edge"
smiling fish
bowl 2009
glass with snake
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Here you can find more pictures of old glass from Bergdala.